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The Relax Dryer offered is one of the most economical Dryers ever made in the history of Tubular Knitted Processing Industry. This machine has many salient features. To name a few:

  1. The insulation of the machine is designed to give minimal heat losses.

  2. The Air circulation is a unique system wherein it produces symmetrical air flow with absolutely minimal pressure drops. The re-circulated air is filtered, heated and blown back into the system by high performance blowers.

  3. The air nozzles are designed for uniform air distribution in the chamber and above all are very maintenance friendly. Further, the air vibrating cushion ensures that the fabric gets maximum relaxation and crease free character.

  4. The machine comes equipped with exhaust system with butterfly valves for controlling the moist air removal.

  5. The machine has a variable speed drive for its conveyors and all its blower motors are invertor driven.

  6. An elaborate overfeed system is available at the feed side and an invertor driven conveyor with a plaiter is available at the delivery side thereby giving the processor all the options for a total shrinkage control solution from the machine.


2 Motors 10 HP For Blower
1 Motors 3 HP Conveyor
1 Motors 1 HP Over Feeding and Plater