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This is a double nip Balloon Squeezer cum Padder. This machine also comes with a Detwister.

The following are the salient features of this machine: m

  1. A low height detwister to ensure minimum elongation.

  2. A uniform water distribution is available to the fabric prior to squeezing.

  3. The appearance of the fabric is substantially enhanced by virtue of air injection balloon system.

  4. The plaiter at the delivery side ensures that the fabric is ready for entering the Relax Dryer with minimum handling.

  5. It overcomes the crease formation of a Centrifuge.

  6. An optional Wet Compaction System is available with a Magnetic Stretcher at the delivery side thereby improving the shrinkage control parameters and options for the Processor. 



2 Motors

3 HP With Reduction Gear

For Squeezing Roll

1 Motors

1 HP With Reduction Gear

For Detwister

1 Motors

HP With Reduction Gear

For Take up Roll