We are Manufacturer and Exporter of Compacting Machine, Heat Setting Machine, Hydro Extractor, Soft Flow Dyeing Machine, Vertical Tube Dryer.......


Ludhiana Dyeing Machinery Works was the first company in India to make the Vertical Pole Dryer for Tubular Knitted Fabrics. It has also been the first to make the Vertical Tubular Calender for Tubular Knitted Fabric for Cotton Blends and Man Made Fabrics.

It has also been the first company to make the Pleat Calender Machine for Tubular Knitted Fabric. A further development on this machine led to the production of India’s first Compactor.

A number of other cost effective machines have also been made. The development and successful commercial application of Magnetic Stretcher for Compactor for Tubular Knitted Fabric is also one of the first in India.

This continuous R & D along with commercial application and healthy work atmosphere has culminated in the company achieving ISO 9001:2000 in the year 2004.